About us

Welcome to Fulano y Mengano

Let’s stop thinking that our customers are Fulano y Mengano and let’s try to get to know them in depth, and thus generate satisfactory, profitable and lasting relationships with them.

Who we are

Hello! We are not just a consultancy, we are your allies to build lasting relationships with your clients!

At Fulano y Mengano we believe in the importance of establishing solid and lasting connections between organizations and their clients.

Our mission

Our mission is to assist organizations in the development of customer-focused strategies by detecting needs and opportunities resulting from the customer’s interaction with the organization throughout its life cycle.

What we do

Our 4 main stages


Lead Attraction and Acquisition

We attract opportunities, capture leads and transform prospects into real possibilities.


Customer Conversion

We convert visitors into customers, transforming interest into engagement.


Customer Development and Loyalty

We develop strong relationships and customer loyalty, building lasting connections.



We retain with excellence, maintaining trust and continually exceeding expectations.

Why choose us?

We excel at going beyond conventional solutions, embracing every challenge as an opportunity to innovate. With a proactive and detailed approach, we transform your goals into tangible realities.

At Fulano y Mengango, we don’t just create strategies; we build solid, lasting relationships that grow your success. Why choose us? Because your success is our constant commitment.

They already know us

These are some of the companies that have trusted our services. Now… it’s your turn! Let us advise you in our different areas of expertise and make a place in the minds of your clients and potential clients.

Want your company to stop being anonymous?

Let’s chat for a while. What do you prefer: a phone call, a video call, a visit to your offices, a meeting at a gastro bar…?

Tell us about your particular situation, and let us study your case and tell you about our approach and how we think we could help you.

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